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Is a Used Ford the Best Choice for You?

When it comes to automobiles, they can range in size, shape, and function. For example, you wouldn't expect a small car to do the work of a truck. However, as the shopper, you may have noticed how easy it can be to get pulled in dozens of directions. In other words, choosing the best vehicle for your needs isn't always easy.

Luckily, Ford has consistently delivered reliable vehicles with award-winning safety in just about every class of vehicles. Within each one of them is an astounding level of dedication, planning, and technology. And when combined, you get an car, truck, or SUV that stands out among the crowd, you are going to really enjoy your adventures going forward.

If you are looking for a new ride that will last and is within your budget, consider buying a used Ford. We are home to some of the finest Fords in the Wayne, NJ and Butler, NJ area and take great pleasure in serving its driving needs. Come work with us here at Ramsey Corp. in West Milford, NJ and get ready to see why our selection of used Ford models is so unique!

Used Ford Cars

A used Ford car comes in two styles, hatchback and sedan. When you are looking for a hatchback that is both fuel-efficient and safe, consider a used Ford Focus. They are incredibly reliable and offer plenty of cargo space for their class. The Ford Focus is also offered in a sedan, so if you like the look of a sedan more, this is also a great choice.

However, if you require something slightly larger than the focus but do not need an SUV, the Ford Fusion is a perfect choice. Driving a Ford Fusion is like no other thanks to its comfortable and well-equipped interior, as well as its well-mannered suspension, a used Ford Fusion will feel right at home on the roads around Paterson, NJ!

Used Ford SUVs

There are SUVs, and then there is a Ford SUV. Not surprisingly, Ford offers one of the most versatile selections of SUVs on the market. However, all you need to know is that if you are in the market for an SUV, Ford has you covered.

For example, if you like the space of an SUV, but do not like driving something on the larger side, look at the Ford Escape. The Ford Escape is an iconic SUV that driver with love thanks to its easy-to-drive feeling. The tight wheelbase makes it perfect for traversing urban and rural landscapes alike.

On the other hand, if you require something larger, the Ford Explorer is a great choice that has impressed for many years. This SUV can come with three rows of seats and is offered in several trim levels. It does not matter if you desire the utmost pinnacle of luxury or the bare essentials for off-road travel, the Ford Explorer is the SUV for you!

Used Ford Trucks

Ford is known for its performance and utility, and their line-up of trucks is a shining example of what they can offer! The Ford F-150 remains celebrated worldwide as one of the most iconic names for pick-up trucks and can bring all drivers the incredible performance and capability necessary for any drive around Jefferson, NJ.

If you need a truck with even more power though, you're in luck with Ford thanks to the Ford Super Duty line-up of trucks. These trucks, the Ford F-250, Ford F-350, and Ford F-450, are incredibly options because of how much they can tow and haul, and in the case of the Ford F-450, can be outfitted in unique gear that can fit your job more.

Before Buying a Used Ford

Before purchasing your next set of wheels, make sure that it has everything you need and most of what you want. If you have searched our online inventory and still have yet to locate your next ride, contact us and ask how we can help.

We are constantly buying and selling vehicles, so your dream ride maybe a phone call away. Reach out to us here at Ramsey Corp. today and we are going to make sure all drivers who visit can get the best possible help and guidance imaginable. See you soon!

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